Sunday, 13 March 2011

Photography competition

It was the middle of January and I had just found out about a local photography competition. The theme was winter where the winning photographs were to capture the beauty of the winter months. The contest was being run by the Junior Rangers Club based at Eastbrookend Country Park in Dagenham. There were three age categories for the competition, one for children aged 12 and under, people aged 13 to 18 and adults aged 19 and over.

Photos had to be taken in one of Barking and Dagenhams parks and must have been submitted by 30th January to qualify for entry into the competition.

Yesterday, the 12th March at 15:30 was the day for the collection of the prizes, where first prize for each category was a large canvas print of the winning photo and prizes for second place were canvas prints again but of a medium size which was what I was awarded.

Over a week ago I had received the email telling me I had came 2nd place in the photo competition and I was very happy and proud of myself and my feelings were the same at the time of collecting and being awarded my prize, although I was slightly nervous when going up to collect my prize from one of the junior rangers, But I am sure some of them they may have been equally as nervous, as well as the other entrants like 1st place winners

An article should be appearing in some local newspapers soon, TheNews and the Barking and Dagenham Post, both of which are very popular newspapers around this local area, so once I have grabbed hold of those newspapers I will be sure to flick through the pages looking for the page that the photo competition winners will be featured on and will also be sure to get the newspapers on here too, well photos of the newspaper that is

My winning photograph can be seen below