Thursday, 28 April 2011

On the bandwagon

I am now a member of the bandwagon of the continuously growing helmet camera club. Having received the product today that I had recently purchased for £16.49 from Amazon I was like a child on Christmas morning, saying that though the packaging and contents are still in one piece

The camera I have is a clone of the more expensive Veho Muvi which I may purchase at some point if I get on well with using this clone that I have. So far even though I have not had much chance to use the camera I have recorded some short videos around the household and been playing around with an application called VirtualDub in order to remove that horrible yellow time stamp, there will be a tutorial coming soon that anyone should be able to follow as when I write the tutorial it will be in loads of easy to follow steps

I guess you thought I was not going to mention why I had not written a blog post in just over a month, well truth is there is not much reason as to why but I have seen the blog has still been getting views while I have been away so of course the blog will not be going away and the same applies to me, well if I go away again it will only be temporary, but just for a quick update I have been slightly busy while not writing on the blog, me by myself and also me and Sarah have been going out for the occasional bike ride exploring new places to ride and conquering old places. We are also eating more healthily than ever, although the smoothies have slowed down but we still drink healthily too. There is more to update on but that can be done another day as can some more blog posts like this

For now, bye bye

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