Friday, 3 December 2010

Advantages of England 2018 not happening

So loads of people are angry that England 2018 will not be happening, although I rarely follow football I understand how much it means to many football fans

I could be wrong as I am no financial advisor but as far as debt goes was it not a good thing to happen? We got the 2010 Olympics but look how much of a mess that has turned out to be at times and look how much debt and how much trouble London is going to just so London 2012 will be successful, I hope London 2012 is a success and I think it will be

As for England not getting the 2018 World Cup though, I guess it will defiantly save us headaches as far as debt goes, that is if you care about the economy?

But I could be wrong, I am not too sure how much it would have cost if we did get the 2018 World Cup but when I take a guess all I see is loads of pound signs because of what has happened with the 2012 Olympics

So well done to Russia

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