Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hot chocolate winner

So about one day ago I won a competition with Express but yet only 10 people had a chance of winning and at one point Cadbury was a trend on Twitter, and I did see many retweets for this competition, as this competition required you to follow @Daily_Express and retweet a tweet, once you had done that you had entered the competition

Now I was already a fan of Daily Express, but now I am more of a fan than I have ever been, although I do not read newspapers much as most my news and gossip I get from Twitter, Facebook and the news like BBC News

So the prize I won was a 2 month supply of Cadburys Hot Chocolate and what that includes is apparently 2 tubs of the stuff, I did google Cadbury hot chocolate tub, and it came up with results for 1kg and 2kg tubs, I have no idea what I will be receiving and I do not know when I will be receiving my prize, but they have my name and address so it just a matter of waiting now I guess

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