Saturday, 11 December 2010


As I said in an earlier blog post this blog will be for all things good in my life that I will post about

Well recently we took on a kitten, we paid £30 for her, her name is Tatty, she was born October 26th, 2010, and that is quite strange as according to my mum I was due that day, but I was born October 31st, but enough about me already.

So we went to view Tatty about 2 weeks ago, and we had to wait about 2 weeks which seemed a long time but in reality was not too bad of a wait, due to her being too young or something to leave yet, so those 2 weeks went quicker than i expected which was good, so we brought her home on the 8th December 2010

The first day and night she seemed nervous, do not blame her, that night she went to bed quite easily and with not much fuss, but me and and my partner Sarah woke up at 6am the following morning, questioning why she is not awake yet, so we was concerned, but for no reason as we got out of bed to get Tatty from her sleeping place and after doing her stretches she was ready to go and have fun and cause some chaos

It is has been pretty much the same every day now, but last night was trouble, 11pm we all were meant to go to bed, Tatty took ages to get to sleep though as she kept wanting to get up on the bed with us, but she got to sleep eventually, but at 3am me and Sarah woke up as nature called, so Tatty must of thought it was time to wake up, oh no, so we had to put her in a pet carrier that was lined with blankets and her soft toy

Oh and that morning, she decided to wet herself on our bedding, our duck feather duvet, I think that was our fault though for getting her up on the bed and playing with her before she had gone toilet and wet the litter, but no she decided to wet the duck feather duvet, which made me quite sad, so had to get a cheap argos value duvet as a replacement one, I guess she thought if I can not sleep in luxury, you will also not sleep in luxury

Well thank you Tatty, but please do not do that again, let us hope she does not

That is about all there is to say at the moment, I will continue to post about Tatty occasionally, I guess it is just when she let's me as she is always attached to me, which is a good thing

Thank you for reading

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  1. you forgot to mention the fact that she is scatty tatty lol and loves to chew things and claw people to death lol