Thursday, 27 January 2011

An interesting day

Yesterday was certainly an interesting day, it started off by me having porridge oats with honey and natural yoghurt which I found very nice and the best thing of all, it was a very healthy breakfast, along with it I also had a carton of orange juice

In the early afternoon I had 2 oatcakes with cottage cheese which I did not find very nice, but I got the idea from a website with a meal plan so that is why I bought those, later in the afternoon I had granary bread toast with an olive oil based spread, with tinned mackerel fillets on top and shortly after that about an hour before the ride I had a bowl of natural yoghurt, with some honey and after finishing that I had a clementine and now it was time to start packing some supplies for on the road which included 3 clementines, 1 banana, half of a malt loaf, a cereal bar and of course a bottle of water

Now it was time to leave and go to Lakeside, 10 minutes after leaving the house it started to rain, which continued for about half of the journey so I got soaked whilst being blown around by the strong winds, but I still managed to have good adventurous fun, over an hour had passed now and my slow riding came to a stop at Decathlon in Lakeside where I was standing around for about 15 minutes just waiting for the workshop mechanic to return to the workshop to do my scheduled service which I had not yet had done since buying the bike, I thought I should get it soon as soon as possible because lately I had been hearing a very silent rattling sound coming from the rear hub which apparently turned out to be the bearings, the mechanic told me the bearings had come loose on the inside of the hub, but he did nothing with the faulty wheel, instead I got a lovely new rear wheel put on the bike and in addition to that I also had the other obvious stuff done like adjustments to the brakes and gears, so now the bike is slightly more pleasant to ride which is a bonus

After a while of waiting the service was complete and I left Decathlon and got the train home instead, because Sarah was getting hungry and wanted the dinner I said I was going to do, and me being the cook of the house I had to get the train home so I did not take forever to get home, so in future I may organize those kind of journeys for earlier times in the day

In other news later that evening I purchased a pair of Maxxis High Roller 2.35 60a tyres from a seller on Ebay for £10 including delivery which I thought was a good price to pay for a pair of those tyres, they should be getting dispatched on Saturday so hopefully I will receive them early next week, and the most important of all I hope they fit due to there not being much clearance at the rear, so I have taken a gamble, fingers crossed the gamble pays off, well I hope it does and I am not doubting too much that it will not fit, but next week I will update you all on how that all works out for me

Thank you reading, as always would be wonderful if you could comment or share this post, come back again soon

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