Friday, 28 January 2011

Food Friday: Malt loaf

This is a new kind of post I am trying out to see how popular it is, if it is popular enough I will continue it and will post a new food item of the day once or twice a week, assuming I can think of an item of food that qualifies for food item of the day

The idea behind these type of blog posts is for people that have absolutely no idea on what to eat for energy and to keep you going, all of you may already know what is best for you or you may not like being told what to eat, but think of these type of posts as a guideline for the beginners out there that could do with some help on deciding what food to take with them on a bike ride or what to eat on the day of a bike ride

So lets begin, today is Friday and the food item of the day is malt loaf, the reason malt loaf has been selected is due to the low GI, high carbohydrate and low fat contents of the malt loaf whilst also being delicious to eat with jam, butter and many other toppings, sometimes malt loaf is nice to enjoy just on its own too because it is more convenient if you want a chunk of malt loaf immediatley and also more convenient if you want to pack a chunk of malt loaf in a bag or something to take with you on a day out for a slow releasing energy boost, whether it be on a bike ride or if you are going to town for the day, remember to wrap the malt loaf up with tin foil, below is the nutrition information for a Soreen Original fruity malt loaf

As always feedback is welcome, especially on this post as this is the first time I have made a post like this, I hope you all enjoyed reading


  1. That is a very random post. I genuinely can't imagine what the next update will be about, Jelly, jam, jambalaya?

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