Wednesday, 2 February 2011

TNA Wrestling at Wembley

It was the 29th of January, me and Sarah had been wanting to see some live wrestling as TNA Wrestling only comes to london once a year and we have been waiting to go to an event like this for years but usually find it too financially difficult to do so, but in the month of January our financial situation had not been too bad so we just about managed to do what we have wanted to do for a long time

Getting there was not the greatest adventure of all, it could have been better but at the same time could have been worse, firstly we had to get a train from Dagenham Heathway to West Ham to Stratford to Bond Street to Wembley Park, so because of the engineering works the journey took about nearly twice as long as it should have, the only good thing was though that we did not have to wait too long for each train

Once finally at Wembley Park, there were loads of people heading towards the arena which was expected and once finally at the arena there was a huge queue, I am not sure what that queue was for, but I am happy to say we did not have to get in any queues, apart from queues for the toilets at the arena while the show was in progress

After collecting our tickets from the box office we got directed to where we needed to go quite well and after a short while of searching for our block we finally arrived at the show, we got to sit down and we waited for the show to start which was about a 30 minute wait, but the time flew quite quickly, there was music being played while we waited which was good as it was also the kind of music I like, like Guns N' Roses

Just before the show, someone named Jeremy Borash came out to get the crowd going and was also ready to hand out backstage passes to the loudest crowd members, which unfortunately we were not I guess even after all the chanting, shouting and screaming

On with the show, the first match we got was Kazarian defending his X Division title against Shannon Moore and Chris Sabin, which Kazarian won and the match was quite a good one

The following match was a tag team match between Madison Rayne, Tara and The Pope and they were put against Mickie James, Angelina Love and Matt Morgan who was huge to see in person, the winners of that match were Mickie, Angelina and Matt and it was a good match with some funny moments too

The next match was Jeff Jarrett who was put against someone from England, his name was Johnny Moss, this match was better than I thought it would be, so the match did not disappoint, one moment in the match sent the crowd and myself wild, which was when Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar into tiny pieces over the back of Johnny Moss, which the referee did not see as he was down at the time, so this was a match that Jarrett won

The match after that was Beer Money who were put against Brutus Magnus and Mark Haskins, who were both from United Kingdom, It seemed that Beer Money got the most love from the crowd on this night though, they kept the crowd chanting throughout most of the match, Beer Money eventually won the match

The following match after that match was Rob Vam Dam against Matt Hardy, who both got wild reactions from the crowd, the match was great to watch and as always was great to see Rob Vam Dam and his amazing set of moves, the match eventually ended with Rob Vam Dam hitting a Five Star Frog Splash on Matt Hardy to win the match

The next match was as Jeremy Borash said, a legends match, a present legend against a future one, which was Ric Flair and Douglas Williams, this match was good but not one of the best matches of the night, Flair got busted open half way throughout the match so for half the match it was a face full of blood for Flair, the match eventually ended with Ric Flair getting Williams into the Figure Four Leg Lock which Williams Tapped out to due to injuring his knee earlier in the match by jumping off the top rope

Before the main event TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter came out. She thanked us all for being there, she also reminded us that TNA Wrestling was coming to Challenge TV on Freeview soon. She also gave some shout outs, including one to her husband who was there that night, after that Jeremy Borash got the camera men to tape a short moment for TNA Today showing the fans

Now it was time for the main event which was Mr. Anderson against Jeff Hardy, who got the crowd reactions of the night, it seemed the entire crowd including us went absolutely wild as both came out, the match was also one that kept us on the edge of our seats due to the amount of counters and the great set of moves each man had, the match eventually ended with Mr. Anderson hitting his finishing move the Mic Check

After the match Anderson provided some entertainment with some comedy. First he cut Jeremy Borash off of the microphone as he announced the winner, Anderson jokingly said I do not like the way you do it and gestured him away. Anderson asked the crowd if they wanted to hear Borash  on the microphone, which received a no, Anderson did his usual ring introduction, after doing that he talked about how he was a patriot and proud to be American but for one night only was representing the United Kingdom, putting our flag around himself and posing on the ropes, after that moment Anderson gradually left and not long after Anderson leaving we also left as there was nothing else to see

Getting out of the arena was easily done even though the crowds were huge once outside, even getting on the train to come home was not too bad, but we could only get a train to barking, with about 2 changes, once at Barking we had to wait for a rail replacement bus which took us to Becontree, once there we walked home which took about 10 minutes

That is pretty much all there is to say, I did not go into too much detail but the amount of detail I went into should be enough if you just want to read about our day out and experience of TNA Wrestling at Wembley Arena, If you would like to you can view photos of the event here on Picasa Web Albums which includes pictures of ourselves, our signs and of course the event itself that night

I do hope you enjoyed reading this post, it is not my usual kind of post I would make but I thought I would because I wanted to share my day and experience with the world and also something for myself and Sarah to read some years down the line, thank you for reading

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