Wednesday, 2 February 2011

An update on all things biking

It has been a while since I posted about anything biking related, so what has been happening lately? Well if you follow me on Twitter you may know but I am still going to update the blog

To start off with, the tyres I recently mentioned in another post arrived, incase you were not aware or do not want to look for the post, I found 2 Maxxis High Roller 2.35 60A tyres for £10 on Ebay, and they arrived within 2 days of me buying them which made me very happy

Once tyres were unpacked it was now moment of truth time, would one of the tyres fit on the rear of the bike due to there not being much clearance? well I quickly removed the wheel, the old tyre and fitted one of the High Rollers, now I was shaking in my boots and praying the tyre would fit, once the wheel was fitted back to the bike I was very happy to see that the tyre did fit and there was still some clearance left, but not much clearance, I am not sure if I would ever get away with getting a 2.5 tyre on the rear, and I certainly will never try to get a 2.7 on the rear because I know that would certainly not fit, and the clearance I have should certainly be enough for the type of riding I do

What else? well there is not much else I want right at this moment but something I will be getting soon will be some products that stop my face and back getting covered in mud spray, yes I am of course on about mud guards, which mud guards though? well for a while I was trying to decide between two sets, both sets made by Topeak, one set included the RX and FX mudguards and the other set which is the set I will be getting includes the M1 and M2 mudguards which can be bought for quite a cheap price at £20.99 here, If you go to Amazon or a Cycles UK store you will find the same set but priced at around the £30 mark, so I am pretty sure where I will be buying from

Not much else to update on at the moment so I will leave it there for today, thank you for reading

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