Monday, 17 January 2011

Knog Frog Strobe bike light set review

You may well be aware that I not too long ago recently purchased myself a set of Knog Frog lights from Amazon, before ordering these lights I was unsure of what lights to go for, but I wanted something that was convenient to remove and attach to the bike, something that would get me noticed and something I would be able to use in a dark forest or dark country park

As for convenience I could not ask for a better set of lights, they are absolutely tiny and are made of a flexible silicon material which makes handling and attaching to the bike as easy buttering bread which is great if you need to cycle to the shops and you have to lock the bike up outside, there will be no way to lock the lights, but like I say they will just slip off the bike easily and should easily fit in any pocket because of how tiny the lights are

I am not sure how many people find the product name misleading but I did find it slightly misleading, originally when looking up these lights for the first time I thought they may have had only one mode, but I looked up some reviews of these lights and found out they have more than one mode, which I can confirm, the lights have 4 modes, the first mode is a slow strobe type flashing, the second mode is a slow double flicker strobe type flashing, the third is a fast strobe flashing, which I use most of the time, and the fourth mode is a constant on mode, so it will not flash, it will just remain constant which you may find handy if the other modes give you a headache or you just like a light that remains on constantly

Switching through all the modes is very easy, there is no button, well technically there is, but all you have to do is press down with a finger on the top of the light and you will hear something click each time you go through all the different modes that are available

How bright are the lights? They are certainly not the brightest lights there is and will not light up a pitch black area such as a forest or other areas where there is no street lighting or any lighting at all, so if you are like a vampire and love to come out at night regularly, these lights may not be the best lights for you as these lights are more of a get seen or get noticed light rather than a see everything in front of you light

But the brightness it not as bad as it sounds, if you can cope with only seeing a very short distance in front of you and if there is already light, whether it be from street lighting or light pollution if you live in a city like London these lights are not bad at all, these lights would also be ideal if you are on a tight budget, like me

These lights can currently be had for £13.80 from Amazon and they get a final score of 8 out of 10 from me for doing a good job at getting me noticed, but not so much of a good job if I want to enter a dark forest one night

Thank you for reading, the review may not have been as thorough as other reviews have been but I have only been using these lights for a short while and I guess I am just not that great at reviewing bike lights, but I hope you enjoyed reading and found this review informative


  1. I had a Knog Skink tail light fixed to my pannier to give a bit of extra visibility. Emphasis on the had, it was firmly attached when I left Gomshall just after 3, got home to Redhill not long after 4, went to turn it off and it wasn't there... No doubt the wonderous motorists of Surrey will have obliterated it by now, but rather disappointing that it's been shaken to death (the second light shaken from my bike) thanks to the roads around here (I would call the pothole reporting line, but it's more a case of reporting the good bits as that would take less time...) I guess the strap broke, whether the cold temperatue today had any influence I don't know.

  2. possibly, not sure how silicon reacts to the cold weather combined with all the vibrations from bumps, cracks and holes in the road

  3. Hey Iain and Kevin, Hugo Davidson, CEO @ KNOG! great reading the reviews and thanks for trying our products. I thought it was worth jumping in a letting you know that the Silicon is good down to a temperature of around minus 20 and up to +150 so its unlikely that the strap broke due to the cold- however because you never want to be without a KNOG light - me your address (Iain) & we'll send you out a replacement. happy riding! H

  4. oh... email; Cheers H

  5. awesome, thanks for visiting the blog Hugo and how very kind of all of you at Knog to offer Iain a replacement, thanks again, how did you find the blog? Google search?

  6. Wow, thanks Hugh, have just sent you an email.

    As a cyclist, seeing blogs like Kevin's reviewing things they've bought can have a big influence - I bought the Skink on the reviews and it lived up to them.

  7. Lights arrived on Friday, many thanks to the great people at Knog! :)

  8. that is some amazing news, great to hear iain, must be very happy

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