Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Eating healthily again and some updates

Today kind of marked a beginning, or more of a restart should it be named, after all the pigging out over the christmas and new year period I had been eating very unhealthy, as some of us do, being the naughty people we are, before the christmas period there was also a break I had seemed to have taken from the healthy eating due to me not riding much from the heel injury I had, I did try to fight through it all but each time I did i made my foot worse

Well it has certainly been a long time since I have been out on the bike for a proper ride, the last ride being almost a month ago, I have been missing biking very much lately, but the good thing is I have had a new camera to keep me busy lately, which is good

My first proper biking journey after that month long break could be happening this week, I say could be because I want to wait for the tripod I ordered, the one I mentioned in a previous post, to arrive so I can take that with me too when I go out as I will be travelling to a pretty place called Thorndon Country Park where I plan to take many photos to experiment with the camera some more and experiment with the new tripod

So back on topic, I will go into more detail about the previous paragraph when I actually make a blog post regarding that journey, which will be soon. So today marked the day I started to eat healthy again after that break and after the unhealthy eating period that is also known as the christmas and new years celebrations

What I started out by doing was going to ALDI as we had to go there for a top up shop, amongst other things we bought some nice salad including cucumber and tomatoes and some ham, which we ate in the afternoon, in a baguette that is, and later in the day I had some rye crispbread with soft cheese, and the smell of the crispbread and soft cheese was not too pleasant, but I thought up of a solution after I had ate the 2 crispbreads that I had smothered in soft cheese, I made some more shortly after but this time I did everything the same but added a slice of tomato to each piece of crispbread, which took away the awful smell and added a nice flavour too, I do think I could be making it sound worse than it was though, so do not be put off if you are interested in trying this as it was nice, and healthy too I imagine, so from now on rye crispbread with sesame seeds, with soft cheese and tomato on top will be on the lunch menu quite regularly from now on

I also bought some more tinned tuna flakes today, which were very cheap in ALDI, but I have yet to try, but I do not expect it to be much different to the tuna I usually try, which always varies, sometimes I buy it from Tesco, other times I may buy it from LIDL, but the point is, it is lovely added to a bowl of pasta, and unless it is my imagination I find it great food to eat before going out for a ride on the bike, But I have heard oily fish such as sardines are meant to be great too, so I will have to give that a try before I go out on a bike ride sometime, or do I dare take a tin of sardines out with me on a ride along with a plastic fork, that was a thought that just entered my head, I may end up getting hungry in that massive country park so I may have go into some strange eating mode, I say massive but I am not sure if the park is or not, but looking at the park in Google Earth makes it look massive so I have a feeling I could be right

So now it is just a case of waiting for the tripod to be delivered which is hopefully tomorrow, otherwise it could be Monday when I go out, hopefully it has come by Monday, otherwise I will be sad, so once all the waiting is out of the way I will be sure to blog some more which I imagine will be about my trip to Thorndon Country Park the next time you read a new blog post

For now that is all I think, thank you for reading, I do hope I did not go on about the same rubbish for too long, so I hoped you enjoyed reading and hope you visit again soon, thank you

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