Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day for a wet ride

Yesterday was a day of many discussions and thoughts, Sarah recently has started to want to lose weight, and yesterday I wanted to go out when it was lightly raining, which it was for a short while. There were many places we were deciding between including Hainault forest and riding the CS3 London cycle route from Barking to Tower Gateway, In the end though we decided to go to somewhere different, which was to RSPB Rainham Nature Reserve

As this ride was going to be quite far considering distance and weather, Sarah packed some food including a healthy Cranberry cereal type bar and a pack of 3 biscuit that look like Garibaldi biscuits but are quite healthy, I did not pack any food for the journey which was quite bad of me but before I left I had a massive handful of spinach that I stuffed in my mouth and a handful of raisins that I shoveled down, so we were both running on minimal food supplies apart from my breakfast that morning which was porridge with honey, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon, Sarah had not had any breakfast that morning

So to begin we departed from our house to go a near 7 miles to where we was going to which is basically includes just a long stretch of road, so not many turnings were required, as we got closer to the nature reserve we also got closer to Thurrock so our route started to become more industrial, so there were more trucks on the road and loads more traffic from the nearby A13 and more narrow roads which Sarah was not a fan of at all, especially those huge trucks, but what got to us the most was that rain that slowed us down and soaked us at the same time but I read in an article once, if you workout in the winter months you workout more, so you burn more calories and so on, so I had a good mindset going out.

Once at the nature reserve we were only there for about 5 minutes and it was more of a rest for us as Sarah found it very boring and for me I enjoyed the peace and quiet, it was just a shame about the rain, so after 5 minutes of standing around inside the nature reserve we set back off home on the same route we had only just took to get to the nature reserve

Our ride back home was quite easy and compared equally to our ride there, well almost. Once out of the nature reserve we took the same route and headed for home, for most of the journey we were coping quite well, but as we gradually got nearer to home we also gradually started to get worn out and now the endurance factor was kicking in I guess and we both slowly got worn out but we only got severely worn out in the last 10 minutes of riding, once home we breathed a sigh of relief and we were both weak once at home

After being at home for a short while I prepared us both a smoothie with our Cookworks juicer and hand blender. We both had the same smoothie which included one apple each, one pear each, half a mango each and one orange each. Shortly after the smoothie I was still hungry so I snacked on some cheese and chive ALDI oat nibbles, and now it would not be long before I started dinner which was to be a light spaghetti bolognese using turkey mince and wholewheat organic spaghetti, Before our meal though we had forgot the bolognese sauce so we walked to our local shops down the road and bought some light bolognese sauce, after that it was back home to enjoy our dinner

This morning I feel great, I expected to still feel tired but I did accidentally fall asleep very early last night which was a pain, but great in terms of my recovery because today I feel good

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