Monday, 14 February 2011

Get some juice down you and a review for the Cookworks Signature Juicer

Recently after some discussion between myself and Sarah we decided we should be consuming more fruit and vegetables so last week we decided to buy a juicer, at first we looked on Amazon for a juicer but as this was our first juicer we was buying we only wanted a budget juicer which it seemed Amazon did not stock, or they may have but the products may not have had any reviews which are important to me

Next I thought I would go to the website of a retailer I do not like that much, that retailer being Argos, after some searching we came across a juicer made by Cookworks who I understand is an Argos own brand, it seemed that this product had many good reviews and was an ideal price for us at just £19.99 so we reserved it and collected it later that day

I had better mention this now for anyone interested in this product, it seems the product is discontinued due to it being from the old Argos catalogue line, but it looks like there is a new model which is very similar in technical specifications and also in looks and it can be seen here

Continuing with the review of the juicer that I have, after collecting it we headed home and the following day we used it for the first time, and nearly every day we have been using it, mainly in afternoons, I can not remember what juice drinks we have been having but the ingredients list has consisted of many items of fruit and vegetables including kiwis, oranges, apples, avocados, pears, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, mangoes and I am still continuously experimenting with new fruit and vegetables to add to my drinks in future, I even have a nickname for the drinks I make almost daily, which is called my superman juice, should I trademark that? Thought not, but after drinking those juice drinks that the juicer produces I feel more energetic whilst out riding on the bike and generally feel more active and more alive so to me these juice drinks are going to be quite an important part of my life going forward to improve my health, endurance and much more

For anyone wondering what I had today, I did not have every fruit and vegetable listed above, would like to have seen how much I would have been going to the toilet otherwise, every two minutes maybe? But today I had a juice drink consisting of one large orange, two pears, one apple, 2 large carrots and a handful of spinach whilst Sarah had a drink that contained two pears and two apples and a chunk of cucumber, not sure about Sarah but my juice drink sure did improve my energy levels today whilst out on a nice bike ride with Sarah over a local country park, unless the improved energy levels were just my imagination, but I felt great today out on the bike

Now to go into some more detail and review the juicer some more, upon first opening the box you take all the parts of the juicer out of the box, actually lets skip the boring part. Assembling the juicer takes some getting used to, before plugging in the juicer you should play around with assembling the juicer, especially the clamps which I found quite tricky, but after about two minutes of playing around with it all I got used to it and found it quite easy to assemble afterwards and still do right now. loading the fruit and vegetables into the chimney which i imagine is not the right name for it is easy, you just have to make sure you peel the right fruits, like oranges and kiwis and cut some other fruits like apples and carrots so they fit down the chimney, you will also have a very handy accessory which is what you will use to push the fruit down the chimney into the blades to make that wonderful juice

The unit is quite noisy, Tatty our 4 month old kitten runs for her life when you switch it on, some reviews say it is too loud, but I do not think it is that bad, I would say it is as loud as a hair dryer but sounds more like a lawn mower, doubt that helps but at the end of the day the noise will not last long unless you plan on putting loads and loads fruit and vegetables in the juicer, but I would not recommend that as the manual says to only operate it for about a minute or two and leave it rest afterwards, which I can understand

Cleaning the unit seems to be quite an easy task, unless it is just the lovely Sarah that makes it look easy? But that is about all there is to it, I love juice and so should you, the natural juice that is, so go get yourself a juicer and loads of natural tasty fruit and vegetables to start experimenting with and see what you like and see if it improves the health and fitness levels that you may want to improve

Thank you for reading, and happy valentines day, and while on the subject of valentines day, happy valentines day to Sarah who I know will read this, love you Sarah

Again thank you for reading and I hope you will come back soon for more reviews and maybe I will mention some more of my superman juice drinks soon

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