Saturday, 5 February 2011

Video Wednesday

Another new concept to go alongside Food Friday is now something on a totally different topic, Video Wednesday, each wednesday I will select a video of the week that I have found the most interesting, and so on

This week, to start off with is this video, from BBC News that goes into detail about cycling helmet cameras and how useful it is to have one equipped with you whilst out riding, because as many will know some YouTube users are very popular with helmet camera videos including Gaz545 who has a very popular and well done video series called Silly Cyclists, that he publishes regularly, I am sure some of his videos will be selected for Video Wednesday if Video Wednesday keeps going

But today the video I have selected for Video Wednesday is below, and as I said before it is a BBC News video that goes into detail about the benefits of using a helmet camera, the video also contains some graphic material of crashes and extremely close and dangerous encounters, so has this video inspired you to get a helmet camera, or if you already have a helmet camera has this video inspired you to use that helmet camera more and to also be more aware of these very bad drivers?

I hope it has and I hope you enjoyed this blog post today and I hope that you will like this new concept of post, I will soon see if you do from the blog statistics, so thank you for reading and watching and I hope you will come back soon

1 comment:

  1. Good video links. I have been thinking of getting a helmet camera but I don't want to tempt fate as I've been lucky so far.
    The bloke on the BBC video who had the altercation with the van driver brought it on himself trying to undertake the van on the corner and shouting like a lunatic. He just wanted to make a video of an incident.