Saturday, 5 March 2011


Thought I would update you all and let you all know nothing has happened to me incase you wondering where I had got to

Got some good and bad news that I will share, bad news is, I got my first puncture (not first ever obviously) on the Rockrider by hopping up a kerb and the back wheel slamming down on the edge of the kerb, well punctures are easily fixed right? So that is what I will most likely be doing today along with cleaning my bike and also degreasing and oiling my bike and Sarahs bike

The good news is that I recently placed 2nd in a photography competition that I had entered that was being run by the borough I live in, the theme was winter and once I go to collect my prize on 12th March which is a canvas print of the photo I will go into much more detail

Bye for now

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