Tuesday, 10 May 2011

More VirtualDub tips in relation to MD80 videos

You may have recently read the post in where I wrote a tutorial on how to remove a yellow time and date stamp from videos recorded using an MD80 video recording device, today I am not going into too much detail about things but I will give some tips and quickly explain alternative options on how to remove the time stamp by cropping and will give some other useful advice while I am at it and I hope you find the information useful.


First today we are going to crop a video we have recorded using an MD80 camera, so first of all load up VirtualDub, if you are not sure how please follow the first steps in the previous tutorial about removing a time stamp. So you should now have VirtualDub opened up, now proceed to opening a video file by pressing Ctrl and O on the keyboard and now press Ctrl and F and add a filter, the filter you want to add is the brightness contrast filter, do not make any adjustments unless you want to, but for some reason for me this seems to be the only way to make an option for cropping to appear in the filters. So now once cropping is clickable click that and in X1 and X2 offset you want the number 15 in each and in Y2 offset you want 30. Alternative you can just adjust Y2 offset and leave X1 and X2 offset, but this is the way I do it. Now press OK to return to the main VirtualDub window and you can now proceed to save as AVI as also instructed in the previous tutorial. But wait there is something else, I am not finished yet.

Compressing Video:

Do you hate clicking save as AVI for the simple fact of oh no I am going to end up with another huge file on my computer, well lets solve that together. First I want you to download this Xvid codec named Koepi's Xvid Codec from here. Once you have installed the codec you may need to restart VirtualDub and open the video file again and make those cropping adjustments if you need or want to. Carrying on, now that VirtualDub is opened once again press Ctrl and P on the keyboard and select the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec from the list and click configure, drag the slider between maximum quality and smallest file for whichever you like, you may want to keep all the quality or you may want a tiny file size which will have horrible video quality, I have adjusted it so that it is at a level of 5.00. Once the adjustments are made continue to click OK to return to the main window and click save as AVI. the file should now start saving and you should notice the file size will not be of many many gigabytes.

I know this has only been a quick tutorial for today but I hope you have found it useful, if you have leave a comment letting me know or if not still let me know and I will try to improve it, thanks for reading

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