Thursday, 12 May 2011

Cycling, free swimming, what do you do to keep active?

As you are visiting this blog I assume most of my visitors are cyclists, but in addition to cycling what other cardio exercises do you do? or what sports do you take part in?

Up until about 3 weeks ago my only keep active sport I took part in was cycling, but 3 weeks ago I started to go swimming because me and Sarah could get into swimming for almost nothing, how you say? well there are lakes that are free and very cold, but of course I am not talking about that kind of swimming, I am talking about the more expensive type, in a public swimming pool. Since I have been buying bottles of Schweppes Abbey Well bottled water we have been going swimming for next to nothing, around £1 for 2 bottles, and that will get 2 of us a free swim, there are terms and conditions, like at some swimming pools you are restricted to certain times, but I am not complaining as we have been having a good time lately and getting much healthier at the same time

So the cardio exercises I take part in, you now know. Cycling which is free and swimming which costs almost nothing, what a result we have there

Let us all know what you have to say, in the comments, and if you never knew about the swimming bottle caps that can get you into swimming for free, there is no better time to start swimming if you have not already.

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