Saturday, 14 May 2011

Recording my ride at Ingrebourne Hill

Today marked the first time I had properly got to use my MD80 mini camera on a bike ride, there was not much preparation for today's ride, good thing though I had porridge this morning for breakfast, something I have not had in some months, and there was no other healthy food in our cupboards or something that was ready to pick at as a fortnightly shopping trip is due very soon, so I raided my fridge and got knife happy with some salad, sliced up some small raw button mushrooms, a quarter of a bell pepper diced, some diced up cucumber and and some chopped spring onions, and it did not taste too bad and I think it actually kind of helped as a mid ride snack as far as keeping me going went

So moving away from the food talk, I set out with the camera attached to the handlebars and eventually I reached Ingrebourne Hill in Rainham which was when I started recording, and from here on the video does the rest of the talking, but I will mention some things, firstly it looks like I am riding as slow as a baby on a bike, but it must be the angle of the camera or something? Next time I will angle the camera differently on the handlebars, and another thing is that there at 3 laps I recorded, but I stopped and started the recordings of each lap and joined all 3 video files, so you may notice some strange changes in the video if you watch it through, oh and lap 3 I started recording late, about 30 seconds into the lap, which was simply because I did not hit the record button properly so it was not recording, but it does not matter, the video is below that I hope you will find of some entertainment or you will enjoy

Of course I stopped recording after the 3rd lap, as all I was going to do now was ride back home, which I could not have done even if I wanted to as the Micro SD run out of space right after I completed the 3rd lap, so that sure was close, looks like I may need to invest in a larger Micro SD Card if I want to record some long journeys or loads more laps over at Ingrebourne Hill. Well if that happens which I guess it will that will come at a later date, for now I hope you enjoyed today's video and I hope you enjoy future videos that I plan on recording for everyone to see.

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