Saturday, 18 December 2010

Achilles heel injury or something else

For about a week now I have been suffering from pain in the back of my left foot, now I am not sure if it is my achilles or what it is, at first I thought it was an achilles tendon injury, but the other day after getting back from town after doing the rest of the christmas shopping I noticed right on the back of my heel was a lump, it felt like a squidgy thing on the back of my heel, the size of the lump was as if you had an imperial mint and cut a quarter of its size off

Today the pain is still at the back of my heel but not much of a lump like the other day, it only gives me pain when I have any trainers on my foot, so the pain must occur whenever the lump comes in contact with anything, like the back of a trainer

Have no idea what this is but hope that it goes soon, because today I did want to go out on a bike ride, but it seems each time I do go out I make it worse each time, could it be the shocks and impacts that my foot takes when I am riding on rough surfaces?

I am not sure but I do hope this goes soon as it is irritating

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