Saturday, 18 December 2010

Knog Frog Strobe

Yesterday I decided to purchase a set of Knog Frog Strobe lights from Amazon, these ones to be exact

Hope to be able to use them as soon as possible, just depends on my temporary trouble with my foot, still may have to just go out though when they arrive as I will not be able to wait too long, plus the pain in my foot I can not feel much while riding a bike, it is just when walking mainly

On another note, my ETC water bottle and cage set has not yet turned up, add that to the list of many things I am waiting to arrive, I guess Royal Mail could be to blame here, please Royal Mail deliver my ETC bottle and cage set to me on Monday so I can stay hydrated the next time I go out, At the moment I do take a string type back pack with me when I go out with a bottle inside, just a Drench water bottle that I use again and again

All I got to decide now is where to mount the the cage on the frame, I have two options

So back to the Knog Frog set, once I receive theme I will be sure to test them as soon as I can, I have been watching videos in anticipation and the lights are tiny, but apparently super bright, so that will be interesting to see once I go out with them on my bike

Thank you for reading and I will update once I receive my goodies

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