Monday, 20 December 2010

A snowy and frosty day to ride

It was the 18th of December and the snow was falling heavily outside, and there was me, indoors resting my injured heel

So the risk taker I am I decided I would soon be going out in that blizzard and I did, with my heel the way it was and having not eaten much apart from oat cereal earlier that morning, naughty me, it was the afternoon by the time I left the house

I seemed to have prepared myself for the worst, but throughout the entire ride I remained warm which is good, with all them layers of clothing I had on, no surprise, you can see a creepy looking photo of how I looked before I went out here, I look like some kind of ninja that is ready to kill

So after leaving, the ride to the country park was quite easy because the snow was thick, so it was not thin and icy, which would have been much worse, as I went to Beam Valley Country Park again I basically took the exact same route there that I did when I went on 7th December, past the church and so on, the reason I went to that park again is because it is one of the decent country parks around here and it is massive and links to many other country parks too

It was worth going again for the fact that the snow was much thicker so I could get much more beautiful photographs than last time, like this tree as I entered the country park, the metal sign was covered in snow this time

As I progressed I took many more photos along the way, stopping and getting back on the bike took longer than usual because of foot, but I loved taking photos, like these ones


All the photos that I display like them 2 above can be viewed on the Picasa web album or on Panoramio, so carrying on, I proceeded to the bridge that crosses over the train tracks, these were the beginning of the steps that awaited me, they were not as slippery as I thought, being up there was the easiest park, and of course I had to come down a set of stairs, which was easy again, but not as easy as going up a set of stairs covered in snow

As I exited the bridge I had an option of going right which would have lead me down a long path, alley type way which would have brought me out onto another part of the park, but over on that part of the park was a pond, this one seen right in the middle, on Google Maps, and as everything was covered in ice and snow, even lakes, I thought it may have been best not to go that way incase I misjudged where the pond was, so I thought it was better to be safe than sorry and head straight on as I exited the bridge where I passed a bush that was in my way and once I got past that I turned left where some of my favourite photos were taken, as seen below


So as I rode down that long pretty path after a while I turned right to go down another long path and I ended up in one of the connected country parks, The Chase where I decided I would ride around some lakes, which I knew my way around, so I was pretty sure I was not falling through any snow into water, below are 2 lakes I took photos of, you would never guess they were lakes I guess, I also decided to get a snowball and throw it in the lake to break the snow and ice to see how thick the blanket of snow and ice was, and I did manage to create a hole with my snowball, and it did look quite thick, between about no less than 5 cm and no more than 8 cm at a rough guess, the thought did enter my head, would I fall through if I went on there, I imagine I would have fell through, but I was not mad enough to try so I moved on


Here is a photo from higher up of the lake in the photo on the right, nobody was fishing here today, Now I was heading towards the gate out of The Chase and would proceed into the next country park, but only quickly just to take a photo of a cool tree log bench and to take a photo of the fishing lake accross the other side of the road as seen in the photo on the right hand side below, I think you will need to look at that one in Picasa though to see it properly


So now it was time to leave, which I did, and I took a different route home, using the roads more, but I decided I am safer on the pavement, well down one road I was as I was slipping all over the place and thought in a minute I may fall off and be splattered by the traffic after, after that not much else happened, apart from about 5 minutes before I got home, something strange happened, the chain started to slip loads, on most gears I could use, strange that it only decided to happen just before I got home, which is good though, being at the country park and having to ride all the way home with a slipping chain would have been a nightmare

Looks like I am going to have to degrease and oil my chain now, which I would much rather do when the snow has cleared outside, so I think that is what I will do

That is all for now, hope you enjoyed reading and did not get too bored, thank you for reading and remember you can view all of the photos on Picasa or Panoramio

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