Thursday, 23 December 2010

Just a quick update

This is just to update you all on everything, will post a review soon hopefully of the Knog Frog lights, as yes they did come, they come 2 days ago, but still no sign of my water bottle and cage set though

changing the subject, there is a new video of Tatty, our kitten, on YouTube which hopefully someone reading this will find funny, well, we did, you can take a look here and would be great if you could comment on the video

changing subject again, I have updated this blog and added more gadgets and features, the new gadgets include a slideshow of my Picasa albums, but I can only select one album, but I will change the slideshow to different albums occasionally, I also added more links, now there are links to my Panoramio and Picasa albums, there is also now a followers feature too which some people may find useful? but if not I may just remove it and below that is a search box to search this blog, so if you want to find a specific blog post, it is now much easier, just type whatever you want in the search box and hope it comes up with results, and finally there is a hit counter right at the bottom of the page, at the moment it is only at 131 views, but views for this blog are up and down every day and my only way of promoting it is by Twitter, if you want to help out you can, just link to this blog, the short link is if you need a short link, would be great if you could help

That is about all for now, so thank you for reading and remember to come back soon

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