Friday, 24 December 2010

ETC water bottle and cage set review

After a long time waiting, the water bottle and cage set had finally arrived yesterday afternoon, shortly after I opened the package and there was a bottle and cage, but no bolts to fix it to the bike, but after a quick moment of madness sarah reminded me the bolts were on the bike already, I just guess the bolts were not tight on my brain that afternoon

So I go get the bike out and get my allen key set and have a choice of putting it on to the down tube or seat tube, so I undo the bolts on the seat tube part of the frame, the part of the frame where you measure the size of the frame, putting the cage on the frame was tricky at times, but I think that was more to do with my allen key set than anything else

Now that the cage was fixed to the frame nicely, so I decided to open the water bottle, where I found bolts, so if you have a bike but no bolts on the frame that would be handy, now I got the water bottle and half filled it with water to see how it sits in the cage, when the bottle is in the cage there is a tiny amount of movement, so you do not get the feeling that the bottle is guaranteed to not come out, but still there is not enough movement for it to easily come out unless you turn the bike upside down, I am not sure if it will come out when laying the bike down on the floor but I doubt it would

So that is the secureness part of the review covered, so after all the fixing to the bike and testing how secure things were I decided it was time to wash the bottle out and shortly after see how the water tasted when I filled it up again, at first there you can tell the water has been tainted by the rubber bottle, but not by much as I thought before receiving this product, some people may not even notice it

The appearance is nice, the cage has a nice gloss black finish while the bottle, quite a large one at that is not too bad looking too, it takes up quite a lot of room on my frame, but I think that is just because I am so used to not having a water bottle and cage on the bike so I imagine I am too used to just doing what I used to do which was carry a water bottle around in a back pack, like a Buxton water bottle, but now having a water bottle on the bike is more convenient and all around a better option I think

Now all that is left to do is go out and ride the bike with it all attached, which should not be too long, if anything goes wrong I will be sure to write up about it, if not, I will not and you will know I am happy and it has done what it is meant to do

Thank you for reading

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