Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A new update

Not been updating much lately, I guess most people will understand why, I hope you all had fantastic christmases, my christmas this year was not too bad, I got plenty of good presents for a start, all the familys had to be fit in over 3 days, it kind of reminded me of the movie four christmases, just not as insane as that movie though, my favourite day was boxing day which was just me, Sarah and Tatty at home, played some games including Jenga and kind of got exhausted cooking the dinner, the beast of choice was pork

I could go on for ages, but I will not incase I send you asleep with all the details, so I am leaving the christmas update as a quick update

In other news I broke my faulty digital camera trying to fix it, well technically, I lost a screw that was insanely tiny, my career in trying to fix things with extremely tiny screws is over before it got started, but as I got money for christmas, I have money that will will be going towards a new camera which will be a Canon Powershot A495 or a Canon A3000 IS, most like will be the A3000 IS but I will of course update once I get the camera, which could be as soon as tomorrow most likely

There is not much else to update on, it is kind of late now, so I am going to leave it there and will write more when I do, which could be tomorrow or the next day

Thank you for reading

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