Thursday, 30 December 2010


It was the 29th of December and me and Sarah decided to go out to Romford, shopping, where we bought ourselves many gifts from our christmas money we received as gifts amongst other things at christmas, Sarah bought most her gifts from Disney Store and Clinton Cards, I had to buy a new camera which was the Canon A3000 IS

At first, after unboxing the camera, the camera was not as expected, some shots coming out with some blur with image stabilization on, but as I got more and more used to the functions of the camera the negative feeling that it was not what I expected it to be started to fall away and now I am gradually becoming happier than I was with my previous camera which was a Canon Powershot A460, which I had for about 3 or 4 years roughly, but with age comes faults, so I try fixing it, well I failed massively there, it involved me losing the tiniest screw, tip, never hold a tiny screw with a pair of tweezers, I did and I heard the tiny screw catapult somewhere in the living room, me and Sarah spent about 30 minutes looking for this tiny screw, only to not find it

But I was planning on getting a new camera though, so all is not too bad, once I have had a chance to use it some more I will try get a quick review up, like I did for the ETC water bottle and cage

So after leaving Romford, I went to my mums with Sarah, Followed by my aunts which was kind of like a quick christmas get together, so yesterday went well, I guess apart from Tatty though who was left at home from about 10am until about 7pm with only one feed at 8am, well she was still her usual self anyway once we got back

So stay tuned for more posts and an upcoming review of the camera, and hopefully eventually I get out to try them bike lights I have not yet tried out, I will get a review up of them eventually though, for now that is all, so thank you for reading

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