Thursday, 6 January 2011

Britains Got Talent London audtions

Yesterday me and Sarah went to Britains Got Talent London auditions at Hammersmith Apollo

The day started off by us waking up quite early, we had also left quite early too, so when we got there we was about an hour early, but it was good that we got there that early for many reasons, for a start we was in front of the rest of the massive crowd behind us which was longer than it looks on the photo, the queue actually goes around the corner, and the people over the other side must have been priority ticket holders

But still, we were in a great spot as we got to see Louis Walsh, Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre walk down the path that was in between the 2 fences which was cool, I got to shake Michaels hand which was even cooler, Sarah did not manage to shake anyones hand unfortunately, we also managed to get some photos, all of which can be seen here, between photos 14 and 30, some of which I have also placed below


Once the judges had all entered the building, the crew that were dealing with the audience started letting us all pour into the building which we all did once the side where all the priority ticket holders were was clear, once inside the building it was surprisingly quite a nice walk to the room where the stage was, I expected it all to be a mad rush, but it seemed well controlled, once inside we must have been sitting only about 15 rows behind the judges desk so we were right near the action, usually we are up on the second level, higher up and further away when we go to these kind of shows, as previously we have attended X Factor boot camp in 2009 and X Factor auditions and Family Fortunes in 2010

There were many good acts that we got to see, some of my favourites from what I can remember includes a 6 year old girl talking about global warming and how animals such as snakes and polar bears are going extinct which was cute, it was a poem, I never would have thought kids thought of that kind of stuff

There was a Michael Jackson impersonator, but this was another kid and he was brilliant, and there was a dancing, ballet type act that was so unique, the stage was set to ultra violet lighting, about 15 girls came out in black suits with white sandals and white gloves, and the sandals and gloves were the only things you could see, it was magical how it was all done

There were many more acts but they were the stand out acts for me, for all the rest I am sure you will see all of them if you watch Britains Got Talent when it comes back to ITV soon

Thinking back now it was a great, fun filled day, it was tiring because we left early and were waiting outside for a long time, and the show went on for about 4 to 5 hours, but time did go quite quickly and the journey back home on the train was not too bad

While walking home we got some chips from the chip shop, unhealthy I know, but we were tired, not long after getting home we fell asleep

Hope you enjoyed reading, tried to keep it short and not go into too much detail so I hope you do not get confused by anything, thank you for reading

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