Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ordering a tripod

Not made a post in a while so thought I would update you all, not much has happened since Britains Got Talent, But I did order a tripod from Amazon, a Hama Star 62, which came in at a nice price of £14, before I started looking for a tripod I never thought they would start at that cheap of a price, I was expecting at least double that price for a beginners tripod

The reason I ordered a tripod is because my hands are terrible for getting steady shots, especially the longer the exposure time, I took a photo of a moon the other night with one second of exposure, you can see the disastrous results here or below

So as you can see there will be occasions when I need a tripod, and that tripod I ordered comes with a free carry bag which I can hook over my shoulder, and I think I will even take it out when I go out on bike rides, when I am planning to do photography that is, so possibly the next time I go to a forest I may take it with me

But it has not arrived yet, that will be sometime next week, hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday it will come

That is about all there is to update on for now, thank you for reading

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