Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Review of No Fear combat pants

Recently I received a pair of combat pants, as a Christmas gift from Sarah, they are the No Fear combat pants that you can buy from Sports Direct in store and online here

I first started wearing them just the other day, and they are a very comfortable pant, they are very breathable while keeping you warm outside in this horrible weather, I have not been able to test them out in warm weather yet but I imagine they will keep me cool, but when it starts getting too warm I will just start wearing short cargo type pants

These pants also have many pockets, the main pockets where the hips are have loads of room, the other day I managed to fit my camera in there along with a gorilla pod tripod attached to it, the zips feel sturdy, there is also many other pockets including another two deep zipped pockets on the side of the side of the legs at knee level, and underneath them pockets there are which I would call quick access pockets that just have a piece of material that acts as a flap, those pockets are not so deep though and I would not put much in there, apart from things that are not important, so one day they may come in handy for storing some notes in there on a piece of paper, or a mini map if you want quick access to a map, there are also pockets on the back, which are popper secured, so no zips this time, just a single popper on each pocket, which I would not use for too much, but they are bound to come in handy one day

Comfort wise, you have loads of room to move about in them, they are quite a baggy pant as cargo pants are I guess, and they are also light, while having a gentle feel on the skin, but tough on the outside, which is nice, so they appear to be well made, when going out on my bike in these pants though I will need to secure the bottoms of them unless I want them shredded up by the chain, because as I say they are quite baggy, Imagine you were wearing boot cut jeans, not sure if that helps but I guess you get the idea

I can move around nicely in these pants, as they are loose and light, so ideal for riding the bike with as the legs are always moving when riding, so the more freely the legs can move the better, and this is the case with these pants

The colour of the pants I have is the charcoal colour which is a very nice colour I think, and the pants come with a free belt, which is quite a strange belt, but one I have got used to now, the belt is a fabric belt with some kind of hooks to do the belt up, it is confusing to explain, but the belt keeps the pants up and prevents them from falling down, so that is all that matters, and you should quickly overcome the confusion you may get with fastening the belt

The sizing of the pants are quite strange, good thing I tried them on in store and bought them in store rather than online, with most clothes I am usually always a large, and on some rare occasions an extra large, but never usually a medium, which is what I had to get in order for the pants to fit nicely as the large was to large around the waist area, and that was about it, so the medium was the best choice for me as that size was not too tight or not too loose around the waist, so if you want some of these I suggest you go try them on, or if not, order a size under what you would usually order or what you think you would need to order

You can buy these pants for £14.99 from Sports Direct, in store or online, I hope it does not sound like I work for them or No Fear or have any affiliation with them, but I do not, just incase you are thinking that, here is the link to them, Available in Charcoal, Black, Brown or an army type print

For a final score of these pants, they get a well deserved 9 out of 10

Thank you for reading, and why not let me know how you get on, that is if you do decide to get some of them

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