Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Just a quick update, added a gadget to the right hand side of this blog, it has been named Tags, most people may already know what tags are, but if you do not I will give a quick rough explanation

Whenever I make a new blog post and I talk about going out on my bike and taking photos while I am out on my bike, the tags Biking and Photography will most likely be applied, if I am reviewing a product, the tag Reviews will be applied

So now it is much easier to narrow down the posts you want to see, only want to read reviews? you would click the Reviews tag, want read about my bike journeys and not much else? click the Biking tag, want to read about everything else such as what I am up to or what I have been doing apart from Biking and all the other hobbies I love and to keep up to date on how the blog is changing? the News tag is what you want

Hope this will make for a more enjoyable and convient way of visiting the blog, if you do not like this new gadget though let me know and if I get enough responses I will just remove it

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